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Where to Start Packing

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Moving is an exciting time in your life, however sometimes you don't know where to start. This is often the case with many families overwhelmed looking for a place to start, today we will be sharing where to start the Packing Process.

So, how to pack up your house for the big move and make sure you don’t forget something in the process?

First, you'll have to evaluate everything you own. Yes this means going through those clothes you haven't worn or the box of toys that have not been played with in ages. This helps you to see what needs to be packed and what can be donated. Get rid of any items you no longer need to prevent having to move this to your new home. This may sound like a lot of extra work but it will save you time and energy when moving day does arrive!

Purchasing packing materials is a must, no matter how many boxes you have laying around you'll need a variety of box types to accommodate all your belongings. Often people do overlook the cost of the packing goods needed to relocate a home. We strongly recommend buying several types; small, medium, large, wardrobe and heavy duty boxes.

Start in the rooms that you use less often, such as Seasonal Items. For instance, if you are not currently using the Holiday decorations those would be perfect examples of what to pack before going to your everyday used items. We also recommend that you pack up one room at a time. By doing this you are organizing the boxes for the unload. When the unload happens those boxes can be moved directly into the proper rooms.

Some Helpful Tips:

Do not pack liquids in boxes

Do not Mix rooms in boxes

Label your boxes with the room and item inventory

Do not exceed 30 pounds per box

Store all your Valuables & Documents in one place and take them with you

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Jackson Devlin
Jackson Devlin
Dec 27, 2023

I had a fantastic experience with Movers Yorkville company. The packing team was meticulous, taking extra care with fragile items. The movers were professional and worked diligently to complete the move promptly.

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