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How to Help Our Pets Move

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Don't forget to be mindful of your pets during this time, as you know moving is stressful. Going above and beyond to insure their comfort will make the transition manageable.

Books, furniture, and flatware don’t complain or notice new surroundings. There’s no secret to moving these inanimate objects that greatly benefit our lives, but this is not the case for our beloved pets. Animals love their home and become use to their spots but transitions to a new place can be tough. There are some measures to be taken, and knowing what to do will make moving with pets a lot easier.

Travel Tips

Make sure your animals have their favorite blankets, bedding and toys with them during travel. Even if your animal is not use to crates we recommend having one for your animal friends safety on the road. If your traveling long distances don't forget to let your pets out to stretch their legs along the journey, this can relieve the stress upon arrival to your new home. Try to drive as smoothly as possible, to prevent unnecessary stress. If your traveling far book pet friendly sleeping accommodations ahead of time to ease everyone's comfort an stress level during your move.

Settling into your new home

Try to establish a new routine quickly that closely resembles the old routine. Make sure your new house is pet proofed prior to letting them explore. There may be hidden dangers such as mouse traps or holes in the fence that will make a stressful move even more inconvenient.

Update your pets tags, microchip and/or vet information immediately to prevent any trouble if your pet does escape at the new location. Try to spend some extra time at home to help your pets settle into the new environment.

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